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Sustainability Policy


Our mission is to produce beautiful, timeless and long-lasting products that will accompany our customers for years. We value authenticity and quality over quantity, with the firm belief that everyone involved – from the supplier to our customer –  should benefit from our collaborations & partnerships. 

Our products aim to be an alternative to fast fashion, which is why we produce in small batches under fair conditions and adapt our collections to our consumers’ needs, not the fashion industry. We guarantee the longevity of our products, which is why we offer complementary in-house repair services in case of need.


Our products are made under fair conditions and in close collaboration with our Greek manufacturers. This is part of our efforts to create a circular economy with our products, ensuring a sustainable production and that the benefits thereof are shared with all stake-holders. Our producers comply with EU standards and pay fair wages. We undertake all possible measures to ensure no child labour is used at any stage of our supply chain.

By visiting our places of production and suppliers often, we aim to ensure the maintenance of both relevant labour standards as well as health standards. As a part of our ongoing effort to become more transparent, we will document these visits in future and share insights from them with our customers.


We work with our suppliers to reduce the quantity and severity of waste generated from our operations. Waste must be handled in a safe, legal and responsible way to minimise their environmental effects.

In our supply chain, the tanning process is the most potentially hazardous. Two out of three of the tanneries we source our leather from are certified according to EU standards and use only plant-based tanning substances. This reduces the environmental impact and the waste produced.


Our vision is to be the go-to brand for ethically and sustainably produced leather goods, which accompany our customers through their every day and guarantee consumer satisfaction.

In order to achieve the goals set out in this policy, our targets for the coming two years include:

1.    To make our supply chain more transparent and to continue guaranteeing fair labour conditions and living wages are paid to all persons involved.  

2.    To produce all our products using only natural or recycled materials.

3.    To trace our supply chains all the way back to the raw materials.

If you have any questions regarding our work or this policy, please contact us.