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The leather we use is sourced from European cattle farms – particularly France – and from cattle farms in the area of Alexandria in Egypt.


Our products consist mostly of vegetable-tanned leather, which is certified according to EU standards. We work with Italian tanneries that guarantee environmentally friendly production and high safety standards. We are in close contact with our production partners and visit them regularly in their workshops.

Vegetable tanning has made hides durable since prehistoric times. So-called tannins play the most important role here; they occur naturally in many plant species, especially in the leaves and bark of certain tree species. Extracts from chestnut, mimosa and quebracho trees are used for the Tuscan tanning.

As soon as the hides arrive at the tanneries, they are pickled, tanned in the tanning drum, pressed, sorted and then dyed using traditional methods. A process that takes several weeks. A special feature of this gentle method is shown in the unique patina which the leather receives over time and which defines the character of our products.


The high-quality leather is then processed in a family-owned Greek manufactory on our behalf. Each leather has an individual character, which matures and develops over time. Read up on our production here.