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Park Bags Produktion Athen


In the middle of Athens, Apostolos and his brother Lefteris run a small leather workshop that their father founded. The brothers and their three employees have been producing leather goods for us since 2014. Because of the economic crisis, the family company had to downsize, but the remaining five are an experienced team.

Park Bags Prägung

Almost all of our products are made at Apostolos and Lefteris. They use sustainable techniques and materials. The workshop is embedded in the pulsating streets of the Greek metropolis, on the back it opens up to a tranquil courtyard with orange trees.

Park Bags Schweiz Produktion


Our bags made from recycled materials are manufactured directly in Switzerland. The Swiss production partners also act in a socially and ecologically sustainable manner. It is therefore mainly foundations and associations that we commission. Their workshops offer a supportive environment for people who are confronted with difficulties. Individual needs of employees are recognized, skills are promoted and the re-entry into working life is made easier.

We see our own corporate philosophy confirmed in this lived appreciation for people and their work.
We are currently working with the Öko Job Foundation in Basel and the Verein Zürcher Eingliederung.